Friday, May 31, 2013

I fell upon a treasure today!
 I was out thrifting and.....
 I found a lovely book.

 The author of the children's book I found grew up in DR Congo of all places. who would have thought?

I'm looking forward to the day when I snuggle in with our little one and read him a story inspired by his homeland.

We are preparing for his arrival....  getting acquainted  with his homeland  
Falling in love

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yes another Adoption and Yes.... Another Blog About Adoption

Let me just start with I couldn't be more thrilled that I have started one of " those adoption blogs," I am smiling just typing that. In fact I hope this world becomes consumed with Adoption stories and their blogs.

Now to the "WHY" to me it's simple. Jesus did not give me life and breath and love so that I could wake up in my own happy little world living in my own happy little life without regard for the least of these. In fact about a year and half ago He started to say to me " I have more for you, there is more to life than just Sarah."  

That is where it began really. He kind of wrecked my heart, my very being, with a whisper. Now I am that women, you know, the one who cries at every little thing (adoption related that is)  I cry just thinking about the day I meet our little one face to face. I cry even more when I think about the fact that my Father in heaven would choose us.

Really, Dave and I? We get to hold, cuddle, kiss, and love another little person through their life? Yep, I am a crier.

You see my King gave me eyes not just any eyes, but His eyes, and then He gave me a heart that bleeds at the great needs of this world. I wish sometimes I had a Fairy Godmother wand that could take it all away, but then when would the world cry out to their maker? Yes, He is a big God and He could just take it all away, but what if He wants us to be His hand and feet?  One day when I asked Him why  he doesn't just take all the pain in this world away?   He asked me " what I was doing?" and He reminded me that he has blessed my life,  and now it was time for me to start sharing my blessings. 

So.... Yes we are adopting!

 I am blown away at the Love that my King has already given me for this little one. My little one who's face I have not yet seen, or hands I have not yet held. This God given  love is deep and even  painful.  My heart bleeds knowing there is time in the way of holding my little one tight and telling them their going to be loved every day and all the pain they have seen will begin to heal by a love without an end. This love comes from my Father in heaven and is free to anyone and everyone.  

Our girls pray for our little one millions of miles away and call this little one there own.

He is my rock through this journey, and His love without an end, continues to fill my bleeding heart as we wait and pray for our little one millions of miles away. This is a journey of rocky roads and uncertainties. Today we were alerted by the Department of State, that Congo has temporarily suspended exit permits. Please keep the families in your prayers who are suppose to pick-up their children soon and pray this issue resides quickly.   


XXXXX's & love, from our home to yours