Adoption is part of the journey we are on. After our son is home the journey of caring for the things that our Maker cares most about will not be over. We know that our King calls us to care for those who do not have someone to care for them. This can be done a million different ways. God brought us to the journey we are on now, each of us is on a very different journey for some of us that includes adoption, but we all should be doing something for those around us that just need to be shown what love looks like.( Math 25:31-46)
Let me be the first to say I am not perfect at this and I could be doing more, but I think if we all do something we can make a bigger impact in furthering the message that the Maker of all loves with the deepest love.
We started the journey of adoption March of 2013 we are still on that journey. I have thought a lot about whether or not I should post an adoption time line and I never have, because He knows... the day... the hour, and the exact time our son will finally be in our arms. Is it hard to wait? yes.... every minute, every hour but my King know best and I know His plan is good.
Why are we adopting? We are adopting because every child should have a safe forever loving family. We are adopting because we know our Maker cares a lot about children and every child deserves love and security when  you start to understand and get to know the heart of God, you start to care about the things He cares about. He wrecks you for those who are the "least of these" not because they are worth little, but because our King say's they are worth everything. You are worth everything and the God above payed everything for you.. for me... and for anyone who want's His love.