Sunday, September 22, 2013

Being a Mama and One step closer

We have days we are good about it
we remember this is part of the process
it's what we signed up for
but while we wait, we miss Him

We'er a little afraid
I won't list off all we fear
it would be pointless
because we choose to be brave

to lean on the one who is all knowing
the one who is all loving   

Big sis turned nine... I can't believe what a blessed Mama I am to have this sweet, sincere, loving, loyal, cheerful little girl as mine. She brings so much Sunshine into my life and I'm humbled to be a part of the little person she is. She has been so much of my shaping and molding. When I became her Mama I became the real me. The one my King shaped me to be

Happy Birthday beautiful  
you changed my Stars.

 We missed him while big sis opened gifts 
while we sang
while we got silly
While we walked along breathing in the crisp air

I continued to look for someone missing
maybe I was miss counting?

 then it came to me

someone was missing
my sweet boy oh.... how I miss you everyday

I guess this is part of it.....
being a Mama

we love so deeply at times it hurts
each one of our precious ones carry a piece of our heart with them
and some of those pieces are millions of miles away
 While we wait

    we pray for you
       your sisters ask....

 when you're coming?
when they get to meet you?

You are loved

each day we miss you

we are one step closer

the song below is one that has taken words right out of my head and from my heart