Friday, June 14, 2013

An update to the update

It's a time to dance
For those of you who have been reading  my blog for the short time it's been up you know that there was a possibility that we might have been gifted with two,  when I saw the photos of these two little lives I could see the great sadness in their eyes. I wanted to jump on a plane and rescue them right then and there, I heard God telling me

"there is a reason these two little precious lives were brought into your life."
I now know that they were placed in our lives so that we could see what it looks like to see the eyes of a child who has had so much taken from them. It was my father saying....

" hit your knees Sarah, pray for these precious ones of mine."
"They need loving hands and the warmth of a forever family."

"Be my  ambassador, they mean so much to me."
We will not be calling these little ones our own,but we celebrate because this is not about us, we are on this journey because God called us to adopt and he is working every detail out for his glory.     
In fact I am dancing with joy, this means two less from the 147 million out there without a home to call their own.
 We are now number three on the waiting list
We are getting closer......

While we wait and we walk along this bumpy road  I hold my father's hand . I'm soaking in every little detail, knowing this is a beautiful time, a time like none I've ever experienced.

We have seen our Father move mountains and we have been wrapped in love.
I checked the mail yesterday to find this!
the note reads
"please accept this donation for your adoption best of luck"
We have been gifted with many of these
some by friends others by complete strangers
from 20.00 donations to 2000.00 donations
It  has humbled us and we see planted seeds growing
 so many in our corner.......  
some have even put together fundraiser of their own on behalf of our adoption.
You all have put a love in our hearts, in a way words could not express!
love from our home to yours xxxx's