Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Dream Coming True

Where do I begin?
I was sitting on my couch praying and asking my all knowing father the One who is my hope and my promise, for renewed strength. I was worn out by the process, the not knowing, the fundraising. I was so tired.
I asked my King to rebuild my confidence in what He was asking of us. I thought to myself " was this really His will for our lives, was He really going to fulfill the promise He planted in our hearts?"
He spoke to me very clearly, He put peace in my heart and I knew I needed to check my e-mail AND............there it was the e-mail we had been waiting for, praying for and hoping for. I grabbed my phone to call our adoption coordinator,I could see our agency had been trying to reach us. My phone was off all day, it was one of those days... I needed quite from the world, to be still, to just.... be.
A dream that was seeded in our hearts was unfolding.
As I listened to our coordinators voice on the other end of the phone my head would not catch up with my heart. It was all becoming more real.
I am now a proud momma of four!
and....... this time it's to a beautiful,precious,perfect little boy!!  
I cannot share photos or specifics for his safety, but I can tell you that the first photo we saw of our precious boy was the face of a sad, broken little boy, his eyes spoke of fear and pain.
We hit our knees  
As we prayed for him and the brokenness we saw in his eyes our love for him grew even deeper. He is ours. I cannot express in words how it feels to love someone so deeply that started life in another person's arms, but I can tell you this. My love for my son is no different than the love I felt for my girls when I saw their face for the first time in the delivery room. We may have missed out watching him take his first steps, and we don't know what his first word was, but we know that our Fathers plan is a perfect plan.
He is a Miracle performer
We got to see updated photos of our little boy and just three weeks after being at the orphanage he was smiling and laughing, we can see his broken little spirit is being restored and we know this is just the begging of all of the good things our Savior has for him.    
While we wait,we know our faithful and powerful God is holding him in His hands.
We can see strength in the depths of our little boys eyes.
An unexpected surprise came just a few days after getting our referral. We get to send a small package to our precious boy!Our girls drew their brother pictures and they had a blast shopping for cars and cargo shorts. 

Our hearts are full